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Programming Environment Change on Cori in April 2020


During the scheduled maintenance on Cori on April 22, we will install the new Cray Programming Environment Software release CDT/20.03. New Intel compiler versions and have already been installed as of Apr 1. There will be no software default versions changes at this time.

Below is the detailed list of CDT software changes after the scheduled maintenance on Cori (April 22).

New software versions available

  • cce/9.1.3
  • cray-fftw/
  • cray-hdf5, cray-hdf5-parallel/
  • cray-libsci/20.03.1
  • cray-mpich, cray-mpich-abi, cray-shmem/7.7.12
  • cray-netcdf, cray-netcdf-hdf5parallel/
  • cray-parallel-netcdf/
  • cray-petsc, cray-petsc-64, cray-petsc-complex, cray-petsc-complex-64/
  • cray-python/
  • cray-tpsl, cray-tpsl-64/20.03.1
  • cray-trilinos/
  • craype/2.6.4
  • craype-dl-plugin-py3/19.12.1
  • gcc/9.2.0
  • papi/
  • perftools-base/20.03.0
  • pmi, pmi-lib/5.0.15