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File Transfer Software at NERSC

  • bbcp - Bbcp is a point-to-point network file copy application with excellent network transfer rates. This service is available on NERSC Data Transfer Nodes.

  • Globus - Recommended tool for moving large amounts of data between NERSC and other systems.

  • GridFTP - Command Line interface for parallel data movement.

  • scp - Secure Copy (SCP) is used securely transfer files between two hosts via SSH protocol.

  • Cern VM File System (CVMFS) is a software distribution service to provide data and software for jobs.

  • Frontier Cache is a squid cache for distributing data efficiently to many clients around the world. Frontier caches are often used with CVMFS.

  • hsi and htar are tools for storing and managing data in the High-Performance Storage System (HPSS)