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Services at NERSC

  • bbcp - Bbcp is a point-to-point network file copy application with excellent network transfer rates, this service is available on NERSC Data Transfer Nodes.

  • Cern VM File System (CVMFS) - is a software distribution service to provide data and software for jobs.

  • CDash - is an open source, web-based software testing server developed by Kitware. CDash is typically part of a larger software process that integrates Kitware's CMake, CTest, and CPack tools, as well as other external packages used to design, manage and maintain large-scale software systems.

  • GitLab - is a DevOps platform for software development teams to collaborate together by hosting code in a source repository. It can also automate building, integrating and verifying code, a process often called continuous integration and used with continuous development (CI/CD). You can access GitLab at

  • Globus - Recommended tool for moving large amounts of data between NERSC and other systems.

  • GridFTP - Command Line interface for parallel data movement.

  • Jupyter - is a web application for creating notebooks containing code and useful for data analytics. We support JupyterHub which is a Jupyter server that provides multi-user hub for creating/spawning jupyter notebooks. JupyterHub service can be found at

  • NEWT - NEWT is a web service that allows you to access computing resources at NERSC through a simple RESTful API.

  • Superfacility API - is a web service that allows you to access a wide range of NERSC resources (status/transfer/computing/accounting) through a RESTful API.

  • RStudio - is an enterprise software for development of R for statistical computing. The RStudio can be accessed at

  • Science Gateways - A science gateway is a web-based interface to access HPC computers and storage systems.

  • scp - Secure Copy (SCP) is used securely transfer files between two hosts via SSH protocol.

  • Spin - is a service platform at NERSC based on docker containers that can access NERSC systems, storage, and backend system.