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Computational Systems

Getting Started

You can log in to NERSC systems using SSH (Secure Shell) with the following command from any UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. command shell or terminal:

ssh -l username


ssh -l username

There are several SSH-capable clients available for Windows, Mac, and UNIX/Linux machines. NERSC does not support or recommend any particular client.

The login nodes are situated behind a load balancer, so you may reach a different login node on different days. If you make use of a tool like screen or tmux, make sure to take note of which login node you started it on.

To begin running jobs on Cori or Denovo, you should begin learning about the Slurm batch scheduler system, and look at the example batch scripts before submitting your first job.

Cori Genepool

NERSC is pleased to provide compute capacity on its flagship supercomputer, Cori, to JGI users. The Burst Buffer, Shifter, and all other features available to Haswell Cori nodes are available via the JGI-specific "quality of service" (QOS).


Denovo is the name of the system available exclusively to JGI users on the NERSC Mendel cluster. It is scheduled for retirement in July 2019.


Although we provide documentation on usage of Denovo we highly recommend that most of your work be done on Cori genepool (the QOS dedicated for JGI workloads).