IDL's primary use is in the analysis and display of scientific data through its programming, plotting, and image display facilities.


  • 2-D Plotting & Contouring
  • Surface Plotting & 3-D Graphics
  • Graphic Effects
  • Color Systems
  • Curve & Surface Fitting
  • Image and Signal Processing
  • Eigensystems
  • Linear Systems
  • Sparse Linear Systems
  • Nonlinear Systems and Root Finding
  • Multi-Dimensional Optimization
  • Special & Transcendental Functions
  • Correlation Analysis and Forecasting
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Multi-Dimensional Gridding and Interpolation
  • Mapping
  • Development and Programming Tools
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • User Interface Toolkit
  • IDL Insight
  • IDL DataMiner Option

Using IDL at NERSC

First load the IDL module

module load idl

and start IDL by running

Or to use the IDL development environment, type

IDL has a rich set of demos. To view them, in the IDL command line, type:


Availability at NERSC

We currently support IDL 8.5 (default), 8.3, and 8.2.

Additional resources

For more information on IDL, please refer to the IDL software home page.