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Minimal overview of Slurm at PDSF

(see any generic Slurm tutorial for more details)

To submit in Slurm the equivalent of 'qsub' is:

$ ssh  -X
sbatch -p shared-chos
   Submitted batch job 102992


your default chos will be used to run , the default run time is set to 24h, default RAM is set to 4 GB

The simplest slurm job, charged to LZ account, looks like this:

$cat hello2.slr

#SBATCH -p shared
#SBATCH --ntasks=1
#SBATCH -J test-abc
#SBATCH -t 1:00
#SBATCH -A lz 

echo done-jan0-lz
The Slurm job is submitted with command below

$sbatch hello2.slr

it will produce the stdout/err as one file: 'slurm-3726343.out', where job id is the big number.

Interactive session using Shifter on PDSF in SL6.4

ssh -Y

salloc -n 1 -p shared  -t 50:00 --image=custom:pdsf-chos-sl64:v4 --volume=/global/project:/project
shifter /bin/bash

echo inShifter:`env|grep  SHIFTER_RUNTIME`
export CHOS=sl64
source ~/.bash_profile.ext

cd abc/


you can't put all of the above in to one script (you would need 2 scripts). See majorana-shifter example to see how to launch arbitrary command inside a shifter from PDSF login node.

Submit a job array of size 100:

$ sbatch -p shared-chos    --array=1-100

Submit a job array of size 100 but run up to 10 tasks at once

$ sbatch -p shared-chos  -t 24:00:00  --array=1-100%10

Submit one task running on 32 vCores and use 50.1 GB of RAM

$ sbatch -p shared-chos --mem 50100M -n32
Start interactive session on a Slurm worker node with
$ salloc  -p shared-chos  -t 1:00:00
    salloc: Granted job allocation 93574

Licenses: optional constraint informing Slurm about resources your job needs. If speciffied will all Slurm to protect ( e.g. not start) your job in the case given resource is not avaliable. Typically, users who need /project(a) should add this line to the slurm job description

#SBATCH -L project
#SBATCH -L projecta

STAR specific: request license to access HPSS:

#SBATCH -L starhpssio

Check if you can run jobs in PDSF Slurm

$ sacctmgr show assoc where user=$USER
     Cluster    Account       User    Share
       pdsf1       lz       balewski    10

List all yours queued and running jobs w/ sqs , no arguments.

sqs can also list jobs for other users, see 'sqs --help'. e.g.

$ sqs -u dybspade
JOBID              ST   REASON       USER         NAME         NODES        USED         REQUESTED    SUBMIT                PARTITION    RANK_P       RANK_BF
20105              R    None         dybspade     rmq_pdsf_kup 1            19:51:39     24:00:00     2017-06-22T13:39:51   shared       N/A          N/A
20106              R    None         dybspade     rmq_pdsf_kup 1            19:50:02     24:00:00     2017-06-22T13:41:28   shared       N/A          N/A

To learn more info about one job you can use Rebecca's line:

$ sacct --format=job,user,submit,start,end,exitcode,nnodes,alloccpus,timelimit,cputime,state%20,maxvmsize,qos,maxrs -j 21115
       JobID      User              Submit               Start                 End ExitCode   NNodes  AllocCPUS  Timelimit    CPUTime      State  MaxVMSize        QOS
------------ --------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------- -------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
21115          kkrizka 2017-06-23T13:23:53 2017-06-23T13:23:53 2017-06-23T13:32:54      0:0        1          1   00:25:00   00:09:01  COMPLETED                normal
21115.batch            2017-06-23T13:23:53 2017-06-23T13:23:53 2017-06-23T13:32:54      0:0        1          1              00:09:01  COMPLETED    130940K

Why my job is not starting?

$ scontrol show job 28547_300
   JobId=28547 ArrayJobId=28547 ArrayTaskId=300 JobName=atlas-chos
   Priority=1802 Nice=0 Account=atlas QOS=normal
   JobState=PENDING Reason=Resources Dependency=(null)
   Partition=shared-chos AllocNode:Sid=pdsf8:15532
   NumNodes=1 NumCPUs=1 NumTasks=1 CPUs/Task=1 ReqB:S:C:T=0:0:*:*
   Socks/Node=* NtasksPerN:B:S:C=0:0:*:* CoreSpec=*
   MinCPUsNode=2 MinMemoryNode=3008M MinTmpDiskNode=0

How many any-jobs are running in shared-chos partition?

$ squeue -p shared-chos |nl|tail
     3  34047_  shapiro   atlas     atlas-chos   R None            2017-06-29T10:51:53    1:10:42    3:44:18     1    1 shared-cho        722
     4  34047_  shapiro   atlas     atlas-chos   R None            2017-06-29T10:51:53    1:10:42    3:44:18     1    1 shared-cho        722

How many job slots,status,etc are in the queue:

$ scontrol show partition shared-chos
   State=UP TotalCPUs=420 TotalNodes=7 SelectTypeParameters=NONE
   DefMemPerCPU=1000 MaxMemPerCPU=2000

Who can run jobs on account=star?

$ sacctmgr list assoc account=star
   Cluster    Account       User  Partition     Share
---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------
     pdsf1       star                             736
     pdsf1       star     aarose                   10
     pdsf1       star       abha                   10
     pdsf1       star   afleming                   10
     pdsf1       star   agafover                   10

List all Slurm jobs from all PDSF users (former sgeusers)

$ slusers

Current Slurm usage summed over all PDSF users
   Rjob     Rcpu   Rcpu*h    PDjob    PDcpu      user:account:partition
      5       15     17.3        0        0      balewski nstaff shared
     10       10     15.2        0        0      balewski nstaff shared-cho
     47       47    103.6       20       20      kkrizka atlas shared
      2        2      0.1        0        0      shapiro atlas shared

   Rjob     Rcpu   Rcpu*h    PDjob    PDcpu      account:partition
     49       49    103.7       20       27      atlas shared
      5       15     17.3        0        7      nstaff shared
     10       10     15.2        0        7      nstaff shared-cho

     64       74    136.3       20       27        TOTAL

Primary PDSF shares per experiment

$ sshare -A alice,rhstar,dayabay,majorana,atlas,lz,lux,cuore,pdtheory -l
pdsf7 $ sshare -A alice,rhstar,dayabay,majorana,atlas,lz,lux,cuore,pdtheory
             Account       User  RawShares  NormShares    RawUsage  EffectvUsage  FairShare
-------------------- ---------- ---------- ----------- ----------- ------------- ----------
alice                                  495    0.186160   567432591      0.311335
atlas                                  427    0.160587    12506197      0.006862
cuore                                    2    0.000752      377071      0.000207
dayabay                                265    0.099662   193828083      0.106348
lux                                     26    0.009778    24359728      0.013366
lz                                     400    0.150432   383734087      0.210545
majorana                                51    0.019180     8572583      0.004704
pdtheory                                 2    0.000752           0      0.000000
rhstar                                 736    0.276796   611072852      0.335279

Examples of intaractive and Slurm batch jobs for all PDSF experiments, updated June, 2017.

Slurm job script generator (designed for Cori) seems like it can answer most of your SBATCH questions:

How can I get code for the examples?

ssh pdsf
git clone
cd tutorNersc/2017-05-pdsf3.0

Table 1

List of all Slurm+Shifter exampels provide by PDSF users.

Experiment shifter image Example code author on Cori slurm+CHOS [remarks]
LZ custom:pdsf-chos-sl64:v4 /lz-afan [lz2] Alden Fan no CVMFS yes
Majorana custom:pdsf-chos-sl64:v4 /majorana-mbuuck/ [mj1] Micah Buuck yes yes
Majorana custom:pdsf-chos-sl64:v4 /majorana-dave/ David Tedeschi yes no
ATLAS custom:pdsf-chos-sl64:v4 /atlas-shapiro [at1] Haichen Wang no CVMFS yes
/atlas-kkrizka [at2] Karol Krizka yes yes , [IOn10]
/atlas-spgriso [at3] Simone Griso no CVMFS yes, [IOn10]
STAR custom:pdsf-sl64-star:v6 /star-balewski [st1] J.B. - yes
root4star BFC [st2] J.B. yes yes , [IOy60]
DayaBay docker:balewski/sl64-dayabay:c /dayabay-balewski [dyb1] J.B. YES (only!) N/A
DayaBay custom:pdsf-chos-sl53:v1 /dayabay-hack [dyb2] Robert Hackenburg no yes
LUX custom:pdsf-sl64-star:v6 /lux-epease Evan Pease - yes

[lz2] LZ reconstruction package, uses cvmfs, reads data from /project. See /lz-afan/Readme.

[mj1] Majorana data analysis,raw waveforms classifcation, reads data from /project.

[at1] copies a tar file of a compiled RootCore package, untar it in a running directory, and do rcSetup and run the executable of the package, needs CVMFS, job-array aware, works on /project

[at2] oneMG.slr: run MadGraph in local scratch, I/O only to /project, job-array aware.

[at3] : athena job that runs simulation, uses AtlasProduction releases, cvmfs, and a flag for large memory. Can be run as job array, each tasks sees different subset of events.

[st1] STAR interactive detailed tutorial, URL:

[st2] r4sTask_bfc.csh : makes a sandbox, set starver, runs BFC on a daq file from /project, use, job-array aware, writes to $SLURM_TMP, saves to /project

[dyb1] private Docker image, sl64, CERN libs and DYB software compiled inside the image, works only for user=balewski

[dyb2] generic sl53, intractive & batch. Does not work on Cori because DYB bins from /common/dayabay/releases/ are needed.

[IOy60] can run 60 processes on single node even if the system is empty

[IOn10] can NOT run even 10 processes on a single node if the system is empty due to IO contention