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Interactive Shifter

This instruction shows how to use Shifter interactively for PDSF and Cori, uses the CHOS-SL6.4 image, CVMFS, features Atlas simulation job, runs for any PDSF user.

  1. Launch Shifter image at the system of your choice, this step is different for each system.

    PDSF 'normal' shifter

    salloc -p debug  -t 25:00
    echo inShifter:`env|grep  SHIFTER_RUNTIME`
    shifter --image=custom:pdsf-chos-sl64:v4   --volume=/global/project:/project
    echo inShifter:`env|grep  SHIFTER_RUNTIME`

    The correct output from the 2nd echo is: inShifter:SHIFTER_RUNTIME=1

    PDSF cori-like OS

    salloc -p nucori -n2  -t 25:00
    shifter --image=custom:pdsf-chos-sl64:v4  --module=cvmfs  --volume=/global/project:/project
    echo inShifter:`env|grep  SHIFTER_RUNTIME`

    The -n2 limits number of vCores to 2.

    Cori login node (no salloc)

    shifter --image=custom:pdsf-chos-sl64:v5  --module=cvmfs  --volume=/global/project:/project --volume=/global/project/projectdirs/mpccc/balewski/tmp1-atlas:/tmp bash
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/project/projectdirs/mpccc/balewski/atlas_input/

    The LD_LIB-line is needed because Atlas software wants which do not exist in the Shifter image. The /tmp maping is needed because Atlas jobs want to writ ethere and w/o the mapping /tmp would be carved out out of RAM.

  2. Initialize CVMFS-based setup for Atlas simulation (should work for any PDSF user)

    cd junkDir1  # a lot of output files will be created
    # define shortcuts
    export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/
    #run setup scripts, takes few seconds
    time source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/
    time asetup $verRelease
  3. Run Atlas simulation job, takes ~15 min 1st time, ~8 minutes 2nd time

    # Patch environment for using the DB replica on CVMFS
    export CORAL_AUTH_PATH=/cvmfs/
    export CORAL_DBLOOKUP_PATH=/cvmfs/
    export DATAPATH=/cvmfs/$DATAPATH
    # Run the simulations
    time --inputEVNTFile $inpFile --checkEventCount=False --outputHitsFile myHITS.pool.root --maxEvents=$numEve --randomSeed=26741007 --DataRunNumber=222222 --conditionsTag=OFLCOND-RUN12-SDR-01 --enableLooperKiller=True --simulator=MC12G4 --useISF=True --geometryVersion=ATLAS-R2-2016-01-00-01_VALIDATION --ignorePatterns='ToolSvc.ISFG4.+ERROR\s+ISF_to_G4Event.+article.conversion.failed' --preInclude 'SimulationJobOptions/'

    The correct output is: ... stopped at Mon Dec 10 11:18:16 2018, trf exit code 0