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Acronym Term
ALCC ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge
ASCR Advanced Scientific Computing Research (office of)
ASIC Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
CDT Cray Developer Toolkit
CFS Community File System
CMP Chip Multicore Processor
CPE Cray Programming Environment
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRT Computational Research and Theory Facility (aka Wang Hall) map
DDR Double Data Rate
DTN Data Transfer Node
DVS Data Virtualization Service
ERCAP Energy Research Computer Allocations Program
JGI Joint Genome Institute
GPC (Nvidia GPU's) GPU Processing Cluster
GPFS (IBM's) General Purpose File System
GPU Graphical Processing Unit
HBM High Bandwidth Memory
HPC High Performance Computing
HPSS High Performance Storage System
HT (also HTT) Hyperthreading
IO (also I/O) Input Output
IP Internet Protocol
KNL Knights Landing
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LNET Lustre network router
MCDRAM Multi-Channel DRAM
MDS Metadata Server, a component of the Lustre that manages file operation, e.g., create new file, write to shared file
MFA Multi-Factor Authentication
MIG (Nvidia GPU's) Multi-Instance GPU
MKL (Intel) Math Kernel Library
MOM Machine Oriented Mini-server
MOTD Message of the Day
MPI Message Passing Interface
MPMD Multiple Programs, Multiple Data
MPP Massively Parallel Processor
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
NCN Non-Compute Node
NERSC National Energy Research Scientific Computing
NGF NERSC Global File system
NIC Network Interface Card or Network Interface Controller
NUG NERSC User Group
NUMA Non-Uniform Memory Access
OS Operating System
OSS Object Storage Server, a component of Lustre
OST Object Storage Target, a component of Lustre, there can be 1 or more per OSS
OTP One-time Password
PGI Portland Group Incorporated
PI Principal Investigator
QDR Quad Data Rate
QOS Quality of Service
SIMD Single Instruction, Multiple Data
SIMT Single Instruction, Multiple Threads
SM (Nvidia GPU's) Streaming Multiprocessor
SMT Simultaneous Multithreading
SPMD Single Program, Multiple Data
SSH Secure Shell
SSO Single Sign-On
TPC (Nvidia GPU's) Texture Processing Cluster
UAI User Access Instance
UPC Unified Parallel C (programming language)