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Filesystem Quotas


file system space inodes purge time
Project 1 TB 1 M -
Global HOME 40 GB 1 M -
Global common 10 GB 1 M -
Cori SCRATCH 20 TB 10 M 12 weeks
Edison SCRATCH 10 TB 5 M 8 weeks
Edison SCRATCH3 - - 8 weeks



When a quota is reached writes to that filesystem may fail.


If your $SCRATCH usage exceeds your quota, you will not be able to submit batch jobs until you reduce your usage.

Current usage

NERSC provides a myquota command which displays applicable quotas and current usage.

To see current usage for home and available scratch filesystems:

nersc$ myquota

For project and global common the full path to the directory

nersc$ myquota --path=/project/projectdirs/<project_name>


nersc$ myquota --path=/global/common/software/<project_name>


If you or your project needs additional space you may request it via the Disk Quota Increase Form.