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Cori Burst Buffer

The 1.8 PB NERSC Burst Buffer is based on Cray DataWarp that uses flash or SSD (solid-state drive) technology to significantly increase the I/O performance on Cori for all file sizes and all access patterns that sits within the High Speed Network (HSN) on Cori. Accessible only from compute nodes, the Burst Buffer provides per-job (or short-term) storage for I/O intensive codes.

The peak bandwidth performance is over 1.7 TB/s with each Burst Buffer node contributing up to 6.5 GB/s. The number of Burst Buffer nodes depends on the granularity and size of the Burst Buffer allocation. Performance is also dependent on access pattern, transfer size and access method (e.g. MPI I/O, shared files).

Check the DataWarp limitations

Make sure to understand all limitations of Burst Buffer reported in Performance Tuning, to avoid loss of data and waste of precious compute hours.