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Math Libraries

NERSC supports a wide range of math libraries. Many are available as modules.

Perlmutter has additional libraries that can be used on CPUs and GPUs:

For information on the libraries, check the Perlmutter Readiness page's Libraries section.

In addition, documentation on AOCL is available from the AMD Optimizing CPU Libraries User Guide and the AMD Random Number Generator Library.

Documentation is also available at NVIDIA's CUDA libraries page. Some CUDA libraries relevant to HPC are:

  • cuBLAS: CUDA Basic Linear Algebra Subroutine (BLAS) library
  • cuSOLVER: Library for decompositions and linear system solutions for both dense and sparse matrices
  • cuSPARSE: CUDA sparse matrix library
  • cuFFT: CUDA Fast Fourier Transform
  • cuRAND: CUDA Random number generation library
  • cuTENSOR: A High-Performance CUDA Library For Tensor Primitives
  • cuSPARSELt: A High-Performance CUDA Library for Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication