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Using NERSC's

Users who wish to store images in the NERSC private registry are welcome to request access to via filing a ticket at Users who have completed Spin training may already have access. For any user who does not have access, logging into will fail with "Invalid user name or password."

This registry is project-based, similar to our CFS and /global/common/software filesystems. This means that each top-level project namespace can be shared between all members of a project.

As a best practice, users should generally store images in their own namespace. In the project “musicians”, we suggest that each user create and use their own namespaces underneath, for example:

User santana should create their own namespace under their project musicians

Individual projects may also agree upon other project-wide namespaces, for example:

smooth, a directory where users santana and robthomas can share their collaboration materials, can be decided upon by users in the musicians project.

Creating an image with this name/tag pattern and pushing it to will create the desired namespace under the musicians project. For example, the user may build, tag, and push This will create the smooth namespace on

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to file a ticket at