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Data sharing

Security and Data Integrety

Sharing data with other users must be done carefully. Permissions should be set to the minimum necessary to achieve the desired access. For instance, consider carefully whether it's really necessary before sharing write permssions on data. Be sure to have archived backups of any critical shared data. It is also important to ensure that private login secrets (like SSH private keys or apache htaccess files) are not shared with other users (either intentionally or accidentally). Good practice is to keep things like this in a separare directory that is as locked down as possible.

Sharing Data within NERSC

Sharing with Other Members of Your Project

NERSC's Community file system is set up with group read and write permissions and is ideal for sharing with other members of your project. There is a directory for every active project at NERSC and all members of that project should have access to it by default.

Sharing with NERSC Users Outside of Your Project

Unix File Permissions

You can share files and directories with NERSC users outside of your project by adjusting the unix file permissions. We have an extensive write up of unix file permissions and how they work here.


NERSC provides two commands: give and take which are useful for sharing small amounts of data between users.

To send a file or path to <receiving_username>:

nersc$ give -u <receiving_username> <file or directory>

To receive a file sent by <sending_username>:

nersc$ take -u <sending_username> <filename>

To take all files from <sending_username>:

nersc$ take -a -u <sending_username>

To see what files <sending_username> has sent to you:

nersc$ take -u <sending_username>

For a full list of options pass the --help flag.


Files that remain untaken 12 weeks after being given will be purged from the staging area.

Sharing Data outside of NERSC

You can easily and quickly share data over the web using our Science Gateways framework.

You can also share large volumes of data externally by setting up a Globus Sharing Endpoint.