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As of 6/1/2023 MOLPRO is not supported at NERSC. Licensed users are welcome to make their own builds.

MOLPRO is a complete system of ab initio programs for molecular electronic structure calculations, written and maintained by H.-J. Werner and P. J. Knowles, with contributions from several other authors. As distinct from other commonly used quantum chemistry packages, the emphasis is on highly accurate computations, with extensive treatment of the electron correlation problem through the multiconfiguration-reference CI, coupled cluster, and associated methods. Using recently developed integral-direct local electron correlation methods, which significantly reduce the increase of the computational cost with molecular size, accurate ab initio calculations can be performed for much larger molecules than with most other programs.

The heart of the program consists of the multiconfiguration SCF, multireference CI, and coupled-cluster routines, and these are accompanied by a full set of supporting features.

Application Information, Documentation, and Support

MOLPRO User's manual

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