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Spack Gitlab Pipeline

This guide will discuss how we can leverage spack and gitlab to automate spack builds using continuous integration. If you are a developer using spack, or member of Application Development or Software Technology that wants to install your software product at NERSC, you should read this guide.

Please see for list of E4S products with nightly builds. If you're interested in creating a spack pipeline for your E4S product, please create a ticket in help desk and mention name of product that you would like to install including any additional members that require access to gitlab project. The E4S CI pipelines are located in top-level project and each project must have a unique name. We recommend project names reflect the product name or name of spack package that you will be building.

There are several use-cases for the nightly build pipelines.

  • spack@develop: a build pipeline based on develop branch of spack to ensure your spack package works with the latest spack codebase.

  • spack@branch: a build pipeline based on fixed branch like e4s-21.05 branch or
    tag release of spack

  • Build a spec with unconstrained version such as hdf5, fixed version hdf5@1.10.7, develop branch hdf5@develop-1.13, or build with multiple compilers hdf5%gcc, hdf5%intel.

Example Projects