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E4S 23.05 - Perlmutter

The e4s-23.05 stack is built using the Spack branch e4s-23.05 on Perlmutter using the gcc, nvhpc, and cce compilers. This stack can be loaded by running:

module load e4s/23.05

You can also load the same software stack via module load spack/e4s-23.05

Here is a breakdown of the installed specs by environments:

Spack Environments Compiler Root Specs Implicit Specs Total Specs
gcc gcc@11.2.0 90 253 343
cuda gcc@11.2.0 42 91 133
data gcc@11.2.0 11 35 46
math-libs gcc@11.2.0 20 42 62
tools gcc@11.2.0 9 34 43
nvhpc nvhpc@22.7 6 19 25
cce cce@15.0.0 9 19 28

Spack Configuration

When you load the e4s/23.05 module you will see several environments with their own isolated software stacks. You can list the environments by running the following:

elvis@perlmutter> spack env list
==> 7 environments
    cce  cuda  data  gcc  math-libs  nvhpc  tools

To activate an environment, run the following:

elvis@perlmutter> spack env activate gcc


You can see a list of all available packages via spack find. For example, to see the packages within the gcc environment:

spack env activate gcc
spack find

Using the -e flag, you can list packages without activating an environment.

spack -e gcc find 

To format the output of spack find, use the --format flag. Shown below is a command to see a list of packages:

spack -e gcc find -x --format "{name}@{version}%{compiler} {variants} /{hash:7}

A few useful spack find commands for querying packages:

# list all hdf5 packages with full hashes, variants, prefix, and dependencies
spack -e gcc find -Lvpd hdf5

# list all root (explicit) specs
spack -e gcc find -x

# list all implicit (dependencies) specs
spack -e gcc find -X

# list all root specs dependent on mpi
spack -e gcc find -x ^mpi