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Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S)

The Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) is a curated software stack from the Spack ecosystem that is continuously built and tested on several pre-exascale systems. E4S is composed of many open-source projects, including xSDK, dev-tools, math-libraries, compilers, and more. For a complete product list see here.

E4S is shipped as a container (Docker, Singularity, Shifter, CharlieCloud), a buildcache, or a Spack manifest (spack.yaml). Currently, we focus on building E4S from source using a spack.yaml file provided by the E4S team from


We install as many packages from E4S provided in spack.yaml as possible. Some packages were intentionally skipped such as specs tied to develop branches or packages built for GPUs. Some additional packages couldn't be installed or had concretization issues with our base compiler.

Point of Contact

If you need assistance with E4S on Cori please file a ticket at

If you would like to see your package in E4S, please contact the E4S team: