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Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S)

The Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) is a curated software stack from the Spack ecosystem that is continuously built and tested on several pre-exascale systems. E4S is composed of many open-source projects, including xSDK, dev-tools, math-libraries, compilers, and more. For a complete product list see E4S Product Dictionary.

E4S is shipped as a container (Docker, Singularity, Shifter, CharlieCloud), a buildcache, or a Spack manifest (spack.yaml). Currently, we focus on building E4S from source using a spack.yaml file provided by the E4S team from


We install as many packages from E4S provided in spack.yaml as possible. Some packages were intentionally skipped such as specs tied to develop branches or packages built for GPUs. Some additional packages couldn't be installed or had concretization issues with our base compiler.

E4S Support Timeline

This table outlines the support lifetime for each E4S version. The Release Date is the day the E4S release and user documentation went live. Once an E4S version has reached the end of support we will remove that version, corresponding modulefiles and user documentation. As we approach the End of Support for a particular release, we will communicate via email and the modulefile will include a banner when loading the module.

We recommend users to port their application and any scripts to the newer release.

System Version Release Date End of Support
Perlmutter 22.11 Mar 14th 2023 June 10th 2024
Perlmutter 22.05 Jul 27th 2022 Jul 31st 2023
Perlmutter 21.11 Jan 22nd 2022 Mar 31st 2023
System Version Release Date End of Support
Cori 22.02 Mar 16th 2022 End of Life Cori (2023)
Cori 21.05 Aug 23rd 2021 Oct 31st 2022
Cori 21.02 Jun 11th 2021 Mar 16th 2022
Cori 20.10 Jan 15th 2021 Mar 16th 2022

Point of Contact

If you need help with E4S you can submit a ticket at If you want to raise issue with the E4S team, please report them in the E4S Github project which will be triaged to the E4S team.

If you would like to see your package in E4S, please contact the E4S team:


Past Events

Title Date Links
E4S at NERSC 2022 Aug 25th, 2022 Overview of ECP Software Technology
Hardware and Integration
What is E4S?
Software Deployment at Facilities
E4S Training
Video Recording
E4S at DOE Facilities with Deep Dive at NERSC Oct 4th, 2021 Introduction to E4S
ECP Software Technology Overview
Software Deployment at Facilities